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The Smart Fitting Room
How it Works


Shopper loves an item on your site but isn't sure about how it will look on themself or what size to order


Shopper completes a one-time, 60 second digital scan using MySureFit


Shopper uses MySureFit's virtual fitting room to see outfits on themself


MySureFit automatically selects the right size and adds the item to their cart for purchase

Support a Healthy Planet

Eliminate multi-size ordering prior to check-out. Reduce inventory, shipping and packaging waste.

MySureFit reduces brand partner returns by more than 95%

Happy customers return to shop on your site for an engaging experience and a great fit - every time.

MySureFit integrates easily into your existing e-commerce platform.

Shoppers virtually try on new items right on your site.

Are you ready for a size-related return rate less than 5%?

Delight shoppers every time with MySureFit

Choose the sustainable solution that reduces returns and improves customer experience.

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Our patented technology captures highly-accurate measurements. By matching your customer’s dimensions to your item-level size standards, together we deliver the perfect fit.

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