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"Virtually try on clothes in your own personalized Smart Fitting Room, it’s awesome and convenient!"
"You wouldn't have to order a million shirts and create all this extra waste"
"MySureFit App does ALL the thinking for you!"
"It feels terrible when you are so excited and end up with a wrong size clothes. Well, with MySureFit this is about to change."
"You just need to get the app, take a photo and start shopping. Super easy and practical!"
"MySureFit fitting room makes me feel like Cher from clueless"
"Boom the app has your measurements!"
"Being a pettie girl it is hard to find my size online shopping - no longer with MySureFit"
"Entering the MySureFit smart fitting room is nearly like trying on the clothes themselves!"
"It’s like going to the mall without having to load up the kids & hope you can all squeeze into the fitting room"
"Save on the waste going into landfills and carbon emissions from shipping packages, as you know the clothes will fit!"
"I am loving being able to buy my clothes through MySureFit without leaving the house."
"Shop without worrying about your pieces fitting you"
"MySureFit is is the best option to get clothes online."
"5 dresses from multipe brands, all fit me like a dream!"
"Avoid the hassle of driving to stores just to try on an outfit."

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