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"I love that I don’t have to spend hours at a fitting room and all my online shopping can be done within minutes."
"And everything I got fits me perfectly! I couldn't have picked the clothes out better if I'd gone to a store myself."
"I’ve always struggled with finding clothes online. That’s why I’m so thankful I found MySureFit"
"I love not having to be in a dressing room and all my online purchases can be done in minutes."
"I am officially in love with virtual fitting experience, MySureFit selects the perfect size for me!"
"Shopping online can be a challenge. It feels terrible when you end up with a wrong size clothes. With MySureFit it is about to change!"
"Just like magic, you receive the perfect item in the perfect size for you."
"I can shop for my husband online without having to guess the sizes!"
"Never have a problem choosing your clothes again!"
"This app has helped me to choose pieces in the ideal size!"
"Believe me, MySureFit will choose the ideal size for your body!"
"I love that I can earn points that I can later use to shop more through the app!"
"Made my choices in the smart fitting room and is was very happy with the fit."
"I loved trying and picking out all new outfits on MySureFit."
"THEY pick your size based off of that and it’s ridiculously spot on!"
"I’ve tried it before and know it works for me but now they have MENS options and we tested it on Danny and it’s spot on!"

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